In lot of Slovenian teams some class-certain traditions endure

In lot of Slovenian teams some class-certain traditions endure

One of these are miklavz evanje, festivals off sv. Miklavz and/or dated St. Nick’s meal if the a saint, clothed due to the fact an excellent bishop and you may with angels and you will parkelji (nothing devils), visits Slovenian communities, exhorts college students is an excellent, and you will distributes gift ideas, constantly out of an effective throne make the center of one’s stage. Vintage celebrations ( trgatve ) on recreation farms or parks plus national places attract merrymakers, that have moving or interaction lower than clusters from enticing grapes; those who take them and therefore are stuck because of the “police,” was


Summer twenty five are celebrated so you can mark the country’s liberty throughout the former Yugoslav Federation. Slovenian Us americans and enjoy The latest Year’s Big date, Catholic Easter and you may Christmas, therefore the feast times of certain saints regarding the Catholic diary.


Slovenian culture enjoys emphasized the worth of well being. Perhaps one of the most apparently quoted sayings claims, ” Zdravje je najvec je bogastvo “-“Health is the greatest wealth.” Following the Czech head, the quintessential influential Slovenian childhood groups, which in turn provided “youngsters” fifty otherwise 70 yrs . old, was indeed this new Eagles ( Orli ) together with Falcons ( Sokoli ). They used an ancient Roman tip since their individual slogan,” Mens sana from inside the corpore sano “-“A beneficial heathy mind from inside the good health,” hearing growth of both an effective character and you will physical fitness. Active contribution inside the athletics, gymnastics, walks, nature hikes, mountain climbing, and you can various football, plus snowboarding, subscribe well being. Alcoholic beverages and you can smoking, likewise, were among the many unhealthy practices in which more and more Slovenians pamper.

In the us, overcrowded boarding houses and life for the gloomy cities which have sky, liquids, and you may appears contaminants provided a new style of health hazards having early immigrants. Inside urban centers instance metal mills and coal mines, occupational risks lurked getting experts. Of a lot have a tendency to knowledgeable inevitable crashes, increased pollution, extremes away from temperatures and cooler, and you can contamination which have coal dust ultimately causing black colored lung disease one to drastically shortened the life out-of countless miners. In a few exploration places, from Pennsylvania so you can Wyoming, there was a stunning absence of old men; in addition to their widows endure with only the small house and reasonable senior years retirement benefits to compensate him or her because of their families’ display within the building an even more prosperous America.

Because the operating and you may life style conditions keeps essentially improved, and many great health activities read from inside the teens enjoys carried on, the health and you can mental health from Slovenian Us citizens is comparable compared to that from most other People in america. It is uncertain regardless of if home cures, like a tiny drugstore out of medicinal herbs that numerous Slovenian immigrant property was able, was basically one of several contributing items to better fitness. A reason from “somewhat greatest” than “federal health” was achieved of the Dr. Sylvia J. O’Kicki, whom checked-out a group of Slovenian People in the us with comparable cohorts chosen regarding the Federal Wellness Interview Survey out-of 1985. She states during the Ethnicity and Wellness you to definitely “if selection of Slovene People in eros escort Tallahassee the us without having any regard to the newest number of ethnicity is as compared to federal American attempt it disagree favorably in the fitness status plus the practice of wellness routines. People that are actively involved in the customs and you can traditions from the brand new cultural category report a very favorable wellness status and practice of alot more favorable wellness routines.”

Generally, discover a beneficial reong earlier immigrants who have been met with adverse standards and you will problems that few you will definitely believe now. Post-The second world war refugees also had many years of deprivations, challenges regarding camp lifetime, and you may some the brand new problems inside a strange the latest nation, which kept them in person and you may psychologically tired and you can penniless. Many of them even live dying camps like Dachau; a couple of him or her, Milan Zajec and you can Honest Dejak, miraculously escaped away from an excellent communist bulk grave.






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