OPKEE MASTERMIND. What we do is simple. As a group, we research and test low effort, high performing trading services with real money , in real accounts.  If they are a good fit for our group, we will negotiate a group price or create in-house trading alerts or signals.  

We are assembling a specialized group of veteran Stock, FOREX, Futures and Option traders, systems and analysts that focus on automated and manual trading systems that consistently generate above average returns with superior money management. The mission of OPKEE is simple: To find, assess, and implement high performing,"Low Effort" income based, trading systems/services which has an impressive record with LIVE funds.

What do we consider LOW EFFORT? The answer to this question can be subjective. In our case, "low effort" systems can range from executing a "set and forget" trade alert to trade copying forex signals directly into your account.

As simple as it seems, it's not EASY…You'll learn why successful, income producing traders make a fortune and earn every penny of it.

Jay Hughes
RMI Founder & Managing Partner
Trader, Investor, & Systems Analyst.