What is RMI/OPKEE Mastermind?
The OPKEE Mastermind is a member collective that offers real time trade alerts for mid cap and small cap stocks to its members. The goal is to take advantage of services that can grow our small account into a $100k income!

How does it work?
We send 2-3 trade alerts the night before the trading day Email (trade alerts posted in our private member’s area before 10 pm CST). The service cost less than $2 per trading day and there are no long term contracts. Our traders use a combination of fundamental, technical, and other means to develop our daily trade research and ideas. They do the research so that you don’t have to. Take the guesswork out of trading and get real-time trade alerts with Stop Loss and Profit Targets.

How do you come up with your picks or alerts?
As a group, the OPKEE Mastermind, we subscribe to hundreds of dollars worth of systems and services. We re-filter several “picks” through an AI platform to come up with our daily stock picks.

Do you make the trades for me?
We do not make the trades for you. The OPKEE Mastermind provides stock picks in real-time. You make your own trades and we just provide you with the information. We share exactly were we look to buy with precise entry and exit points. You always maintain 100% control over your portfolio and you always execute the trades yourself.

How do I get billed?
All payments are processed by PayPal, You can cancel anytime and there are no hidden fees or cancellation fees.

What is the avg holding time?
We separate the stock trade alerts into 2 categories: Small Cap and Mid Cap Small cap is under $5 a share. Most trades lasts for 3 days to one month, but we will hold up to 60 days for it to hit the profit target or stop loss.

Do you include exit price?
Yep. Here’s a sample
Symbol - ARWR
Entry Price - 34.05, Stop 27.00, Target 37.40