Performance Overview & How We Trade Alerts

NOTE: The hypothetical results shown below are based on a simple 10%-15% Profit Target & 20%-25% Stop loss. If you check the charts, some of these trades can run up gains of  over 80%. I'm not in the business of picking tops and prefer to take profit at 5% to 20%. It's an individual choice. 

The OPKEE Mastermind Alerts

 The OPKEE Mastermind's mission is simple: To find, assess, and profit from high performing, "Low Effort"trading services which prove out to work in real time, with real money.  As of June 30, 2020, we are working with three services that fits the OPKEE criteria; Easy to Follow, Easy to Trade, High Performance.  We have access to Microcap and Midcap  "consensus" stock picks and a FXGOLD Trader via trade copier. Below are the current CLOSED results. Detailed current open trades can be found in the members area.


May 2020 Mid Cap Alert Results
Apr 2020 Mid Cap Alert Results
May 2020 Small Cap Alert Results
Apr 2020 Small Cap Alert Results