Trader & System Selection

We take the selection process very seriously. We have a set criterion that we use to make sure traders that we find are likely to produce the results they promise without putting undue risk to our accounts.

 1: Screening - We preliminary screen and identify trading claims and characteristics within our network of traders, systems, and programs. Examples would be: martingale, grid, scalping, swing-trading, day-trading, trend and more. Our goal is to immediately filter out sub-prime models of performance and advance those we define as have a statistical edge.

2: Real-time Track & Trade - If the prospective trader or system is progressed to this stage we then monitor in real-time, for any deviation from the claims, track record relative to the trading performance. We will also demo the trader manually or via our RMI Trade Copier to analyze any discrepancies or issues (whether that be technological or trader-side).

3: Go Live to trade or Copy - The trader, system or service has been approved and will now be made available to our members. The important thing to remember, is that our due diligence does not terminate here. We continue to actively monitor trades and watch for any serious deviations away from what we can sensibly expect from the traders past performance moving forward.